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Design Services

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Home Styling + Design

The art of creating visually appealing spaces. 

  • Arranging furniture

  • Adding decor

  • Colour Scheme & texture

  • Creating cohesive design

  • Our stylist will always suggest products that compliment your existing furniture and decor

  • Decluttering; providing solutions to simplify and clarify your space 

  • Enhancing the aesthetic and functionality without altering the core design

Our goal is to always reflect the clients personality, with our touch of expertise.

Custom Curated Gifting

Creating personalized gift selections based on your client or giftee's interests and preferences.

It's about making each gift unique and meaningful.

  • Catering to all of your gifting needs: from your everyday giftables, to custom gift baskets and corporate gifts

  • Gift options are endless, from the yummy treats, beverages, and decor to your spa essentials, florals and more. The options for inclusions are endless!

  • By supplying us with details of your giftee's style, design, theme, and budget; we will craft the most thoughtful and memorable gift!

The future of personal shopping and gifting is here.

Gift Box
Green Succulent Plant

Botanical Design

Bringing the beauty of nature to your home.

  • Tabletop Botanicals: Ie Moss bowls, Orchid Planters & more

  • Interior Plant Design: From planter pots, to the right plants both real or faux, we design the perfect combination to fit your design and environment 

  • Exterior Plant Design : From planter pots, to the right plants both real or faux, we design the perfect combination to fit your design and environment outdoors

  • Seasonal Planters & botanical decor 

  • Botanical Art walls and custom botanical pieces for your home or commercial space

  • Corporate & client floral arrangements and gifting.

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