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About Magnolia Lane

Magnolia Lane was a creation of friendship and passion for all the feel good things in our lives.

We want to create and share all the beautiful things that we love and adore with you! So you can make your home and life not only look good but feel even better!

Just like we would welcome you into our own homes, we now welcome you into the Home of Magnolia Lane.

Meet The Ladies of the Lane

Sheri Pineau

For Sheri, gifting is more than a hobby—it's her love language. With a deep appreciation for all things unique and local, she infuses her gifting with the essence of community and connection. As a proud grandma, she understands the importance of cherishing every moment and spreading love wherever she goes. Whether commemorating milestones or expressing gratitude, Sheri takes pride in curating gifts that celebrate the beauty of human connection.

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Carrie Blanleil

Carrie is a lover for all the feel good things and this began and continues at the heart of creating & growing beauty with plants, flowers and bringing them to your home and garden.

As a third generation grower and mother of four, Carrie is busy at home growing four beautiful kids as well as her botanical design business Magnolia Acre. Providing all aspects of botanical design and decor for both inside and outside your home.

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Crystal Mckinnon

Crystal is a passionate collector and stylist with an eye for vintage treasures. Her journey began in flea markets and antique shops, where she discovered a love for the stories behind timeworn objects. Crystal's home blends timeless elegance and modern comfort, showcasing her talent for harmonizing past and present. Her design choices, inspired by nature, incorporate sustainable materials to create serene, peaceful environments. She believes a well-styled home can foster inner peace.

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